deportation defense to citizenship

Areas of Practice

fight a deportation

Immigration law is specialized and often depends on knowledge of criminal law too. In immigration court, you want a lawyer who has experience and solid knowledge. I have experience preparing difficult cases in immigration court, including cases with criminal convictions and complex issues. Call me for a consultation to discuss your case or find out what I can do for you.

marriage to u.s. citizens or residents

Now that you have found your special someone, find the right lawyer to make your marriage-based immigration applications a success! A process that may seem straightforward at first, can easily become tangled with all the intricacies of immigration law and procedure. Ensure that your spouse is able to reside in the U.S. as quickly and easily as possible. Call me for a consultation about all that I can do to make your application for a green card or visa as easy as possible.

immigration + criminal

Don't risk having a criminal case lead to deportation, or prevent you from getting a green card or traveling. Even if you have a criminal conviction that is from many years ago, call for a consultation to find out what you can do about it now to protect your immigration status. With so much immigration enforcement happening today, get advice from a knowledgeable lawyer that you trust.

U visas, TPS, and more

There are programs for citizens and nationals from certain countries, as well for victims of crimes here in the U.S., that may benefit you or a family member to stay in the United States. If you are living here in the U.S. without immigration status now, but you would like to know if you qualify for any kind of immigration benefit, call me for a consultation. I can speak with you in a private and confidential setting about what kinds of programs may help you achieve immigration status.


Applying for citizenship is the last step in a long journey. Make sure you are eligible for all the requirements - an experienced attorney can give you thorough advice. Hiring an experienced attorney will help you avoid a delay or a denial! If you have already applied but now have a problem, call my office for a consultation. I can help you get your citizenship application back on track.

immigration detention / ice

When you or you family member are detained by ICE, your will case will be heard in a different immigration court - only for immigration detainees. I spent one year as an attorney assigned to the court for this detained docket. My experience helps me navigate any difficult case in order to get bond, to get cases closed and to win difficult cases. Because of my experience fighting for so many individuals detained by ICE, I will quickly be able to answer your questions and get started on your case.