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The Rise in Deportations Due to Criminal Convictions

A new series with stories from immigrants in America - We are witnesses, becoming an American - features many insights about the current state of laws and policies in the United States. One video gives a history of the moment in 1996 when the United States decided to start deporting more and more people because of old criminal convictions or new criminal arrests. Watch the video

As soon as ICE (formerly the INS) got access to criminal court records and arrest information, the number of deportations of people living in the United States with a green card increased. Today, many people face deportation because of an old criminal conviction or a recent arrest by the police. Many people facing this situation came to the United States as young children, or even babies, but are now facing deportation because of old convictions. Find out how you can protect yourself or your family member by getting the expert legal advice that you need. These cases can quickly become complicated so you need an experienced lawyer. Do not go to someone who only files family petitions or doesn’t have a law license - protect yourself and your family with good legal advice. I have the experience that can make a difference in your case because of my experience working with criminal defense attorneys and fighting many tough cases in immigration court. Call my office for a consultation if you have questions about how any past criminal cases will affect your ability to become a United States Citizen or put you at risk of deportation.

The full series, produced by the Marshall project, is here.

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