Ann Elise McCaffrey, Esq.


Client Reviews

Green card applicants:

Brooklyn, NY

"The best thing about having Elise as a lawyer is her calm confidence. She is both reassuring and knowledgeable and shows you the steps through the very scary, murky waters of immigration law. She is comprehensive in her services: she is extremely knowledgeable in immigration law, and provided thorough, clear, prompt answers to all our questions. She is very responsive. We're confident that she is keeping up with our case, checking in with our application's progress, triple-checking our submissions, and worrying so that we don't have to. Elise's help and presence is warm, welcoming, and reassuring. We looked forward to our meetings with her."


Lawful Permanent Resident

Brooklyn, NY

“I am very pleased with the great level of customer service that I experienced from the Law office of Ann Elise McCaffrey, Esq. Ms  McCaffrey was professional and supportive in getting a positive outcome for my case. She guided me through the entire process including meeting for court preparation. She also kept me informed of the progress of my case through the court system. The timely updates and information were well received and appreciated. My case was successful. Thank you very very much!”