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deportation defense to citizenship


"How can my loved one get a green card?"

"What should I do if I am arrested by the police? Will that be a problem for immigration?"

"What do I need to do before applying for citizenship?"

"How can I not be deported?"

For these questions and many others, call my office to discuss your case. As an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer, I can:

  • Represent you in a deportation defense case

  • Help you apply for citizenship

  • File family petitions and apply for green cards for your family members

  • Help you to resolve criminal cases that will affect your immigration status

  • Request political asylum, U visa and other types of immigration relief


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I have experience with a wide variety of immigration cases, from straightforward to complex. During the consultation, I will talk with you individually about your case. Get the expert guidance and legal assistance that you need now. Call for a consultation Monday - Friday.