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Recent Successes in Immigration Court and at USCIS

I give each case my full attention and make sure that my clients receive the best representation possible. I am happy to report that my law office recently got the best results for my clients, by:


·      Winning withholding of removal for a lesbian woman from Jamaica while she was detained by ICE

·      Winning bond for a Jamaican man detained for 6 months by ICE

·      Convincing the immigration judge that my client’s criminal conviction did not prevent him from getting his green card

·      Getting the green card for a client whose marijuana related convictions were being scrutinized by USCIS

·      Getting a deportation case reopened for the husband of an asylee

·      Getting my client out of deferred inspection by customs and border protection agents and starting her application for citizenship

·      Getting my client an emergency stay of removal at the BIA

·      Getting the provisional waiver approved for a woman from Mexico

·      Getting 4 green cards approved for the spouses of US citizens in 2019!


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Elise McCaffrey